Why do things break when you need them most?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who experiences this. So you’re in the middle of doing something important and you NEED to make sure your computer, TV, or printer is working. Instead, it decides to fail for whatever reason and you’re out of luck!

This actually happened to me the other day. I was printing some things off for Joshua (my son) that he needed for a project. Instead of the printer working like it should, it decides to fail and start giving errors about how it’s not working properly.

The message that popped up said something about spoolsv.exe not working. I was about ready to just buy a new printer on Amazon but decided I want to see if I can fix it first. So many sites out there have different ideas for how to fix problems like these and I just wanted to find one that REALLY ACTUALLY worked to fix this.

I found a site with information about the spoolsv.exe application error and how to fix it. The steps were pretty simple and easy. Basically, all you had to do was stop the print spooler, restart your computer, and restart it. That actually worked for me, even though some people say it doesn’t.

I’m really glad it wasn’t more complex than that, as I am NOT a computer genius by any means. :)

It’s nice when you can figure something like this out on your own and not have to deal with a huge hassle to get it resolved.

By the way, the other site I found really helpful when I was researching was this site about fixing other PC viruses too. It outlines a bunch of information about how to tell if you do get a virus, what to do if it happens, and other symptoms that may occur if you do get a virus. Really helpful for me to just learn a bit about all of it.

At the end of the day, the printer worked and everyone was happy, so I’d say it was successful!